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Inner Shift. Workshops by Wojciech Jóźwiak, Maria Kojota, Krzysztof Wirpsza
1 - 8 August 2012 in Dlugopole, Lower Silesia, Poland


Inner Shift • workshops

Wojciech Jóźwiak, Maria Kojota, Krzysztof Wirpsza

1 - 8 August 2012 in the Three Springs Center, Dlugopole, Lower Silesia, Poland

Maria Kojota
kojotta@gmail.com FB
author www.taraka.pl
Wojciech Jóźwiak
red@taraka.pl FB
publisher and author www.taraka.pl
Krzysztof Wirpsza
krzysztof.wirpsza@yahoo.com FB

author www.taraka.pl
Voicework, breathwork
Archaic singing
Vision quest with a drum
Trance walk
Shamanic burial
Dyads or intensive inner shift practice

Classes start on August 1 (Wednesday) in the afternoon and continue till August 8 (Wednesday) morning.

Classes are intensive and keep the participants deeply engaged for 24 hours a day.

Techniques we use

  • alter perception
  • allow to better know oneself and establish better bonds with others
  • open you to what it is in your mind that doesn't belong to the "self"
  • teach meditation, vision and journeying through innerspace
  • teach to cross one's own barriers
  • prepare for more advanced shamanic techniques.

Price (total, i.e. food, lodging and classes) - 980 PLN (ca. 240 EUR or 310 USD)
Applications to: red@taraka.pl

You will receive more info via e-mail, including the payment and pre-payment.

What to take, what things will be necessary:

  • - rain gear - dress like for hiking or kayaking; classes take place at any weather
  • - sleeping bag
  • - sleeping mat - for sleeping and sitting on the ground
  • - tent (at a last resort - it's possible to sleep inside the center's premises)
  • - blanket
  • - torch
  • - drum (a shamanic variety, held by one hand) - if you have one
  • - rattle, jew's-harp, or other noise-maker, or any other hand-held musical instrument (if you play it)
  • - magical items, if you work with them
  • - a piece of loose cloth for covering the body while entering sweatlodge
  • - additional towel (for sweatlodge)
  • - a cushion to sit on during meditation, or something similar
  • - gifts for the fire (I'll explain to the interested)


  • 1. Day one. September 1st, arrival. Preliminary talks, exercises.
  • 2. Day two. Thursday. Full moon. Shamanic work with earth/terrain. Building sweatlodge. Evening - sweatlodge ceremony.
  • 3. Friday. Dyad day (working with "Tell me who you are" and other instructions)
  • 4. Saturday. Dyad day (continued)
  • 5. Sunday. Working with fire: retreat practice by own campfire. Evening - sweatlodge ceremony (second time)
  • 6. Monday. "Gravedigging". Evening - burial.
  • 7. Tuesday. Intensive voice work. Evening - sweatlodge ceremony (3rd time)
  • 8. Wednesday. Ending meditations. Final energy work. Leaving.

Every day there are going to be:

  • a. Voice exercises and archaic folk singing
  • b.Meditations/ with ecstatic positions and inner guides
  • c. Sharing sessions in the circle

Maria Kojota and the Archaic Singing:

Singing, that precious gift, is part of the biological heritage of Homo sapiens. In the world there is no culture devoid of singing just as there is no hearing and talking person who would not sing, even if only once in a lifetime and in their heart. I practice traditional and neo-shamanic methods of mind work, which includes the Beginning, i.e. the sweatlodge ceremony, Fire - the firewalk ritual, drumbeat practices and other trance-inducing techniques. On that path, searching for sources of joy and fulfillment, I found my own voice and I let the songs become springs of power within.

Songs and ways of singing from the Slavic peoples are a particular subject of my passion. I am referring here to what is sometimes colloquially called archaic folk singing or traditional ethnic singing of Slavs. That voice, bearing great power of emotional touch, sincere and free-flowing, interwoven into the lives of generations inhabiting those regions, has an ability to soothe, heal and transport me into the less frequented, trance-like levels of the mind. It's both simple and rich. I have been learning this kind of singing since year 2003, still feel a beginner and still, whenever I can, learn it with the Masters.

I sing traditional Polish, Byelorussian, Russian and Ukrainian folk songs, but also look for simple, primitive sounds hidden in our primary human nature, songs that just happen to flow from the heart and the Wild World. The integral part of my classes involves breathwork and physical exercises, as well as purring, growling, Slavic-style long calls, and other non-articulated sounds. The search will not aim at musical perfection, but at exceptional, energizing states of body-mind to which the singing can lead. To participate in the classes no form of musical expertise, including the "nice voice" or "good hearing", will be necessary.

Wojciech Jóźwiak and the Hard Path:

I have a couple of favorite practices I would like to share with you at those workshops. They include the drum, a true shamanic vehicle that transports us into the visionary regions of the mind.

Working with body, movement and perception as well as the kind of consciousness that transcends thinking; interesting that those four meet together in the idea of trance walk.

The shamanic burial - is an amazing practice; in essence, a sort of come back to the womb of Mother Earth and into the protective field of her curative powers. Having spent a night or longer in a hole in the ground, you leave as a new and new-born being - and into a new world.

Finally, the sweatlodge, a ceremony by which we contact our own genetic lineage, down unto the furthest ancestors and their world. We step close to the Beginnings, into the deepest layers of self-renewing time.

On the second workshop day there will be a full moon. Since spring 2011 in a group of friends we have celebrated every full moon with a sweatlodge. This time, the relevant Lunar Festivities will take place within workshops.

Krzysztof Wirpsza and the Communication Dyads:

from dream and shadow
by whispering dappled with light bottomless
I reach across
straight into gorges ivy and new moon
opening worlds with words and breath
word is key
to unlock treasury under eyelids
whither we talk entangled in the hump of things
loudly and with solemnity turn the key of ideas in the lock
and frank with me
(I too
and learn silence
as the sky,s rumble talks to us both wordlessly
from quiet to legend
knot-grass, sage, birch, blackberry yarn
into the stark
hot embers
Who Am I?

Communication dyads: intense group exercises, lasting many hours or days, where the participants sit in pairs and ask each other previously agreed questions, and then give answers to them. The questions usually don't have a "reasonable" answer, e.g. "Who are you?" The exercise aims at bypassing words and reaching the level of consciousness beyond words. Charles Berner applied this method in order to rapidly evoke enlightenment experiences (see: Enlightenment Intensive).


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