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13 May 2011

Kasia Emilia Bogdan

Aloha: The Spirit of Love Permeating the Earth
Impressions from the Gathering of the Grandmothers Pacifica and Grandmothers of the Turtle Island on Hawai'i

Category: New Shamanism

A revolution is coming, a revolution of love. The Universe is unfolding at a dizzying pace. At the same time our souls and our consciousness are growing. Faster and faster. We are entering a new dimension, here, on this Earth. We are entering a dimension of greater sensitivity, a place in which the mind connects with the spirit. The Earth is evolving and we, thanks to our consciousness, can help Her with that process. We can do that by entering the space of our hearts, in which we are all one, in which each of us is a special gift.

We arrived at a time of the feminine energy, energy that connects us with the Spirit, with the pulsating universe that we are creating every day. It is a time to balance the male and female aspects, in each of us. It is a time to create a new reality. As the indigenous elders from all over the world say: "We are the Ones we have been waiting for". We cannot wait any longer. The only time we have is this moment. Now.

The Councils of Elders. New Earth

The Ancient Ones are coming back to help us regain our internal strength. The Councils of Grandmothers and Grandfathers are forming. They come to share their teachings. The wisdom coming from the hearts of the shamans and healers of this world is flooding the hearts of people. We stand on the border between the worlds. The world of illusion in which matter prevails, the world of poverty and suffering is ending. A New Earth is being born. Eden. According to the teachings of the Mayan people we are standing at a threshold of the Fifth World. The previous worlds and civilizations, for many reasons, have been taken by the Elements. We got another chance and we are going to use it this time. NOW and HERE we are going to create a world based on oneness, in which each being is a precious element, no matter if it is a newborn baby, a grandmother full of life experiences, a leaf moved by the breath of wind or a drop of water in the vast ocean. Each element of creation deserves the same amount of respect. We are called to, just like the Sun that shines equally on everyone, shine with the love of our hearts.

The prophecies of the Native American people talk about a time when people of different races will stand together in a circle to send a prayer of gratitude. And then there will be peace on the Earth. The people gather in circles, we meet with a common goal, holding hands and in our hands holding the heart of the world.

Children of the Rainbow. The Star People

A triangle of Aotearoa (New Zealand), Rapa Nui (Ester Islands) and Hawai'i forms the navel of the world, the connection with the stars, the ancestors and Creator's deepest wisdom. According to the beliefs this is the place where the continent of Mu or Lemuria existed, where people lived in harmony with each other, holding the deep connection with the Spirit World. It is here in Hawai'i in the House of the Rainbow, on the Big Island, the Island of Fire and Transformation, the Island guarded by Pele, in a place that heals the healers, a second Gathering of the Grandmothers Pacifica and the Turtle Island Grandmothers took place. The shamans, healers and women of wisdom met together to evoke in people hope, faith and strength that allows us to follow the voice of Truth and create a reality that human hearts long for, a reality that is in each of us. As each of us is Love.

The Gathering started with the following words: "We are not going to talk here about the problems of this world as we all know them. We are going to share and talk about solutions". We sat in a circle. Ten Grandmothers and around a hundred participants. At first everyone introduced themselves and then the Grandmothers started to speak. They each took turns and their voices left a mark in the hearts of the people. They were talking about who they are and what their role is, sincerely, with no masks. They each experienced hard things in life: a son of one of them committed suicide, some of them were married to alcoholics, one of them experienced a clinical death seven times, one has problems with her grandchildren but all of them are happy, strong and true. They all want to be tools in the Spirit's hands in this pivotal time in our history.

Photo: Vikki Catellaci
Top row from left: Grandmother Maxine Kahaulelio, Grandmother Thana Redhawk, Grandmother Alexia Keli'imoewai Carvalho, Grandmother Ma'ata Frances Tukuafu, Grandmother Kahuna Hau'oli Pahia, Grandmother Maya Yonting-Dornes
Bottom row from left: Grandmother Betty Jane "BJ" Nahale Springer, Grandmother Susan Stanton, Grandmother Aka Pule, Grandmother Marjorie Wright, Grandmother Jon Marie Kerns

Na'au - a Bowl of Light

During the Gathering the Hawaiian Grandmothers were stressing that it is not our head and not even our heart that is our guide, but na'au, our belly. Our belly is a sacred space, the power center. It is from that place that we should gain our strength and guidance. According to the beliefs of indigenous Hawaiians in our na'au there is a bowl of light. Each time when we face difficulties in our lives and our thoughts are less than bright, a small stone falls into the bowl. If we do not empty the bowl on a regular basis, with time the stones overshadow our internal light, our spirit weakens and our life is not flowing according to the divine plan, it ceases to be JOY.

In the flowing and melodious language of the Hawaiian people there is not a word for "bad". Something can be pono (good) or not so pono. The practice of Ho'oponopono is based on that belief. Maya, one of the Grandmothers, teaches children this ancient type of Ho'oponopono. Each child has their own bowl. Some of them are ordinary and plastic, others are clay and engraved. The bowls represent na'au. Each time when a child does not behave in a pono way, a stone falls into a bowl. Nobody tells the child that his or her behavior is not proper. The child decides that for herself. In this way children learn to take responsibility for themselves and react to the external world from a sacred center, their na'au. At the end of the week Maya checks all of the bowls. If some of them are full of rocks, she says with compassion: "I can see that you had a hard week". After that all children empty their bowls. A release takes place and the bowls, once again, fill with the divine light. Nobody carries the mistakes of the past and nobody pays for them throughout the millenia. What a wonderful teaching, especially for the Western people who like to carry their crosses and dwell on the past.


I feel that the story of na'au in the most beautiful way pictures our times. The essence of life is to come back to each moment, with full awareness. Our task is to keep the internal light and empty our internal sacred bowl from everything that is weighing us down. Coming back to the moment now. With lightness. With gratitude. We are going to face many difficult moments, many challenges and events that will try to undermine our light and love. Our responsibility is to stand in the light and love.

Each time when Ursula, one of the healers from the Grandmothers Gathering, experiences unpleasant things from the external world, when someone is not nice to her and at times even aggressive, she just smiles and radiates with love. This love has the power to melt even the greatest ice that so often fills the human heart. In the book Love Without End, written by Glenda Green, we read that we are supposed to love our enemies, fill them with love as: "love does not hurt love".

During the Grandmothers Gathering I felt a lot of love. Over hundred smiling, open, fully present people. Tears were just flowing from my eyes. Two streams, one of joy and one of sadness were joining together into one river and flowing for three days, with no reason. Just like that.

The Power of Prayer

Many miracles, large and small, have happened in the Grandmothers' presence. One of the miracles was an outcome of the Gathering from a year before. A woman who was not able to conceive a child asked the Grandmothers for a prayer. This year she came, holding a newborn baby in her arms.

I met people who talk with the Spirit world as though they would talk with someone who sits with them in the same room, people who speak the star language, people who do distance healing. I observed people who live according to the whisper of their spirit guides and angels, with no doubt, with no control. Just listening...

Each day, holding hands, we were praying for the waters of the world, for the Earth, for the fire and the air. The space was filled with the chanting of the Hawaiian women, the strong sound of drums of the Grandmothers from North America and the words of consciousness flowing straight from the Great Spirit. Some Grandmothers do not remember what they talked about as during their speeches their bodies were instruments for the chant of the Great Spirit. The message was that each of us is changing the world, each of us is responsible for the future so we need to start with ourselves. "Why do you bow to us? Why do you put us on a pedestal? You are as precious as us, you are as important. We are the legends of tomorrow. Each of you has the power to create goodness. That is why you are here today. Why do you want us to heal you? You are your own healers. It is time to see that truth. We are all part of God. We are all the elements of creation". Each of us has a special gift. Each of us is different and there is a great power in our differences. We have been told that we should stand in a row, bowing to authorities, but it is time to know your own Truth, because the Truth of each of us is equally valuable. Nobody can tell you that your dream is bad because it is your world. The reality that you have created belongs only to you. Nobody can take it away from you. Today our words and thoughts are manifesting faster than ever before. We can create a world of our dreams, go beyond our limitations and sail on a vast ocean. As Maya says: "Women were the first navigators. Waka was sailing on the ocean, under a starry lit sky, where each star had its own name. It sailed towards the unknown. These people did not know where they were heading, but they had a vision. They were creating that vision in their belly and believed in it with each cell of their body, with each piece of their soul. And thanks to that they pulled that vision to themselves. You have to have clear vision, set aside all doubts and draw this vision towards you". This is what is happening today. We are the dreamers that dream the New Earth.

Journey on a Drum

In the circles we talked about the ancient wisdom, family, addictions and environment. People cried, laughed and reached to the depths of their hearts to uncover the dark areas of their souls. And in this way they were regaining balance and health.

During the second night we created a drumming circle. There was a woman among us who makes drums. She made each drum and painted it in a ceremonial way, putting a lot of medicine into it. Each drum is sacred, has its own soul. She brought those wonderful drums to the Gathering. We sat in a circle and smudged with sage. We invited the Spirit helpers of all directions and then we introduced ourselves in a very special way. Each of us sang our own name: "I am...", and then all the people in a circle sang: "This is..." three times repeating the name of that person. An incredible energy was created. Each of us was noticed. Each of us was blessed.


photo: Vikki Catellacci
Grandmother Marjorie and Grandmother Susan

A woman who was leading the drumming circle said that we can drum, rattle, sit, do just what we feel in the moment. The drumming had started. At first slowly and quietly, then the sound of the drums started to grow and flow in one rhythm. A few people laid on the floor in the middle of the circle, next to the altar. I was drumming for a while and then put down my drums and dance overtook me. I was dancing to one drum. My eyes were closed so I did not know who was the person drumming next to me. Suddenly I found myself around a fire, with the Native American ancestors. I was dancing with them, in a circle. Strength, power, movement. My dance expressed gratitude for Life, was a prayer for the Earth and her Children. In the dance I became water and I blessed all the waters of the world. I felt that we are all one. I got confirmation that it was true when I opened my eyes and slowly sat on the floor. Exactly at the same time all of the sounds stopped. Organically. With no sign. Our prayer was carried into the space.

I was surprised when a woman to whose drum I was dancing told me that suddenly she saw that I was surrounded by a group of Native American ancestors. The two worlds met in a sacred hoop. The world of The Spirit descended upon the Earth and the world of matter rose to the world of the Spirit.

Photo: Charles Easton
Pele who lives in Halema'uma'u crater, Kilauea

Pele with Fire in her Hair

The Grandmothers Gathering took place in the house of Pele, the Goddess of the Volcano, surrounded by the rainforest. Hawaiian people warn the tourists who come to this place not to take any lava as a souvenir as this souvenir can turn out to be a nightmare. A nearby post office receives packages daily with pieces of lava. The packages are coming from all over the world. Sometimes they have a letter attached to them that describes all the catastrophes that befell the poor tourists when they got home, holding a piece of lava in their possession. The rocks are sacred for Hawaiian people, and lava is kapu - taboo.

We were standing at a brim of the volcano, from which clouds of volcanic ash rise up continuously. We were holding hands, creating a semicircle. Aka sent out prayers for the Earth and for a gentle awakening of humanity. She talked about a ring of fire, the volcanoes at the bottom of the Pacific ocean that lately have been more active than ever, letting us know about their presence. Aka thanked Pele for receiving us in her house. Although Pele can be vengeful and many times she scolded those that did not respect her presence with hot lava, this day, when we were doing ceremony for her at the crater's brim, she was happy and grateful. I saw her gentle smile. She thanked us for making that connection. We were blessed by the Fire.

Female Energy in Men

The last evening of the Gathering was a real feast. Vikki, one of the women who helped to organize the Gathering invited Lanakila, her friend, a twenty four year old man whom I would call a kahuna.

Lanakila knelt down in front of the Grandmothers and chanted a prayer. Then he said something that moved everyone to tears: "We all can see what condition the Earth is in under the domination of the male aspect. It is time for women to lead us into the new world. It is time for women to create a path for us to follow so that men can take their place again, in front of the women, protecting them. At my young age I give my life to the Grandmothers of this world, with faith that they carry the wisdom which will allow us to move gently in the new world".


Lanakila and Grandmother Marjorie

Just like Lanakila more and more men wake up from a dream and see that domination and control is not the best way and that the world of matter is just one aspect of reality... Besides that which has been named and tamed, there is a vast space from which we can weave a new reality.

Aloha (alo - to share, ha - breath)

Hawaii is a very interesting place. The state constitution requires all citizens to practice the spirit of Aloha, the spirit of kindness and love. Yes, never before in my life have I felt such flow as here, never before have I heard from people that I just met, the magical words "I love you", words that came from a sincere place in which we are all one, you are another me, I am you and the God in me recognizes the God in you. Although I was going to hitchhike I did not have a chance to experience that as people, like angels, were coming to pick me up and drive me all over the island. I guess I should thank one of my special angels who is always with me, wherever I go...

At the same time Hawaii is a place where I could feel sadness from those of the Hawaiian people who have not been able to forgive the white people, whom they call haoli (ha - breath, oli - without) for taking their land away from them. Hawaii is a place of contradictions, a place in which dimensions intermingle and the veil between the worlds is very thin, almost see-through. I felt as though I was walking in both worlds at the same time, the world of matter and the world of Spirit. Each day I had visions, each day I heard the voices of the ancestors. When I was standing by the wall at Pu'uhonua o Honaunau (The City of Refuge), doing my little ceremony, I heard: "It is not going to be easy, but we are with you".

Pu'uhonua o Honaunau is a sacred city which in the old days served as a place of redemption. For Hawaiian people kapu "taboos" is very important and many actions that violated it were seriously punished. One of the forbidden things that was punished with death was stepping on the shadow of royal family member. Before the execution however everyone had a chance to redeem oneself. There was a certain time for that person to get the City of Refuge. If they managed to do that, their life was saved. The City of Refuge is a place not of this world, like an harbor suspended in some outer space.

Another place of power is Kealakekua Bay, a Path to God. It is here that Aka, one of the Grandmothers, takes care of the heiau, a sacred temple. She is the forty-fourth generation of women who sit in the same place, listening to the ocean, selling ley (a traditional necklace done with prayers), contacting the ancestors and telling stories to those who want to listen. Aka, who was struck by lightning seven times, says that Kealakekua Bay is a portal, a place that is being visited by the star beings. Aka's ancestors did not use the word UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) as all of those objects were always identified. Her ancestors always knew the extraterrestrial beings, who in these days are coming to our planet more often, sharing their light. Not too long ago I would just smile hearing about that. Today I know that the universe is much bigger than what we think it is...

The Elders Circle the Earth

The Grandmothers and Grandfathers are like crystals through which the wisdom of the Great Spirit descends upon this Earth. During the Gathering in Hawaii it became obvious to me that I want to coordinate the grandmothers Gatherings in Europe and help them in creating the European Council of Grandmothers. When I made that decision, the Miracles started to happen...

The time has come for all of us to move beyond "I" and enter into "we". It is time to bring our visions together, join them in oneness in a place where there is no boundary between woman and man, up and down, the world of matter and the world of Spirit. In a place where each of us remembers our star ancestry, in which each of us is an eternally blooming Tree of Life. A place in which all Trees of Life join together, creating a Forest that whispers the divine stories of Love.

Here: radastarszyznyokrazaswiat.blogspot.com you can find information about the Grandmothers in Poland.

Kasia Emilia Bogdan

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