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17 grudnia 2014

Karol Żelazny

z cyklu: Złoty Środek (odcinków: 79)

Big Sky Country (Montana)
napisane w 2005/znalezione na blogu dzis

« The Christ is, undoubtedly, coming Czas leczy rany? »

Spending few weeks in Montana near a vortex, traveling by plains, trains, buses and automobiles and then coming home just in time to say goodbye to your four legged friend who decided to move to the Big Sky Country (not Montana) sure places life in its rightful perspective.

The official reason, for the trip, was to see, experience and explore the vortex but there were other reasons that shall remain my private property at this time. Overall, I wanted to visit three places in Montana and Idaho. Due to unforeseen difficulties I’ve only made it to two.

I drove to Chicago from Toronto and took a plane to Denver and another one to Spokane in Washington where I rented a car and started this epic journey to Kalispell in Montana.

The vortex is located in Kalispell. My friends, Ali and Joe Houser, are the current keepers of the vortex. Possibly finest caretakers this place ever had.

Driving through the Rockies in Washington, Idaho and Montana was fun. I was trying to keep my eyes on this narrow and winding road while enjoying views, succeeding most of the time. There were plenty of signs along the way that said “Falling Rocks” and “Bears Xings” but at that time I was not paying much attention to them. Ignorance might be blissful but, as J. Silva used to point out, it does not exempt you from suffering.

The air is sure different there. Everywhere you look, surrounding you, are snow covered mountain peaks. Dark blue water of cold lakes, low in the valleys, complements the green of ubiquitous forest.

I arrived in Kalispell after 25 hours of traveling. Hospitality extended by Ali and Joe exceeded my wildest expectations. I even got to sleep on memory foam mattress!
Sleep is deep in Montana. Next day I started to learn about vortex.

What is a vortex? Difficult question. No one really knows for sure.

It is some sort of energy field, with circular energy lines, that does strange things to your senses, body and any material objects in it. Artificial intelligence frequently stops working in the vortex. Watches stop, digital and video cameras turn on and off without any one touching it, compasses spin in circles. Some people report dizziness others report healing their body by standing in the eye of the vortex.

You can physically feel the energy pushing against your body. To enhance the feeling floor of the vortex house is inclined 18 degrees. The strength of the vortex fluctuates.

On a really strong day you can throw a broom into the house and it will assume a vertical position.

If someone is looking for a proof that everything that surrounds us is just an optical illusion, Maya if you will, vortex can provide plenty of evidence.

Inside the house you will find a ramp that is, what appears to be, inclined upwards around 40 degrees. You can put a golf ball or a rock on what seems to be the lower end of the ramp and it will roll uphill. Amazing, isn’t it?!

The only problem with this is that when you check the inclination with a level, that is in the house for this purpose, it tells you that what you see being up is actually down and vice versa! Still pretty amazing! Some people choose not to believe the level preferring to believe their eyes.

For them the ball rolls uphill, for the rest of us it rolls down hill while it appears that is going up. Makes sense?! It jives well with Kabbalah that in essence claims that up is down and black is white.

Optical illusions abound in the vortex. Well, either it is an illusion or people shrink and grow on the leveled platform just outside the vortex house.

Let me explain.

The platform is about five feet long and made of concrete. It is completely leveled. This fact can be checked with a five feet long level. When you stand on one on end of the platform you may shrink up to five inches. On the other side you will grow up by the same measure. It also shows in pictures or video footage

Some say that vortex’ energy is generated by electro-magnetic Earth's field. Maybe. I more inclined to think that the field is created by two intersecting energy lines.

What energy? The other dimensional energy called: Prana, Chi, Kundalini, Holy Spirit. Could vortexes play the same role, for the planet, chakras play for a human body? Are they gateways that support the life of the planet allowing for the energy flow that supports all life? Are they portals to another dimension?

Hall Puthoff who formulated “Zero Point Energy” theory explains that all matter is supported by this energy field into which electrons tap every few seconds to gain fuel that allows them to keep orbiting the nucleus. Without this field all matter would just collapse into itself.

Doesn’t it sound like omnipotent, omnipresent God? Is it possible that this field also has channels, that can be compared to rivers, that carry and disperse the energy. When two such channels intersect it creates a vortex.

That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!

After few days filled with vortex, Mexican food, sun and peace of mind it was time to leave my gracious hosts and head for Bozeman Montana.
I did not get far. Two hours later close to Missoula I had an unscheduled appointment with a wolf and few people. Cops, firefighters, tow truck driver. They were all very helpful and I’m grateful for it.

As I was crusing along, around noon, a huge wolf came out of the plain, running full speed, on my left, heading straight for the front of my car. I hit the brakes and cleared the animal by inches. I looked into the back mirror and saw a car very close to me. I pulled almost onto the shoulder but that did not help. Few seconds later he slammed into me and I went down a steep embankment about 30-40 feet right into the forest.

I did not have a scratch on me. Not even a whiplash.

The other driver and his son were OK too, after the air bags exploded in their faces. We talked a bit before emergency people arrived. Turned out he is a painter who lives in the area. He was very apologetic for the accident.

I said: “ Don’t worry about it I believe in the law of Karma, there is a reason for everything that happens to us”

He looked at me kind of strange and said: “ So do I” I wanted to give him P. Yogananda book “Autobiography of a Yogi” but he told me that he had one at home.

This was the second time I was trying to give it to someone and was told that someone already had it.

The first person was my host at vortex house, Ali, who has instructed and practiced Yoga for 28 years.

The book was eventually given away in Bozeman at a gas station to a fellow from California name Mike.

Mike has just fallen off a wagon, according to him. He was talking to a cashier with a friend when I walked into the store. They were arguing about the meaning of the word “Theology” Mike asked if I know what it means. “ Science of God” I said with some authority. Mike was impressed. We started talking and in the next 10 minutes I  explained to him how the Universe is constructed. He was eager to get to know God so I gave him the book.

My car was winched out and turned out to be roadworthy. I stopped at a first truck stop and got something to eat. After that I sat on a table outside thinking about this situation. Somehow I lost all taste for driving. Sitting on this table I turned around and something behind me really drew my attention. Huge sign that said “ You’ve got to stop!”

Got to watch for the omens according to the book “Alchemist” that Joe Houser gave to me at the vortex house.

I returned the car to a rental agency in Missoula and took a bus to Bozeman. I met few interesting people on the bus including a young native men from the Plains in South Dakota.

We had a good conversation about Great Spirit and he asked me for a smoke. Hadn’t got an any, so I bought him a pack of Camels.

After two days in Bozeman unable to make connection to Idaho I returned to Kalispell.

The force is strong around vortex house and it brings all kinds of original characters in. Strange things happen there all the time.

There are unexplainable smells and sounds coming from the vortex area. Vortex might be a sound loop that replays sounds made weeks prior.

Vortex area has orbs. Joe takes pictures every night to check on them. Some nights there are none, others they show up by hundreds.

What are orbs? Again, no one knows for sure. Sylvia Browne says that orbs are spirits or souls. Some of them seem to have faces. Check the web site below for more information.

Ali and Joe offer guided tours to their customers or should I say students? Joe’s tours are more science oriented while Ali’s are more spiritual. There is a bit of healthy competition going on there. Joe gets a lot of standing ovations helped by the fact that there is nothing to sit on.

I was following Ali on one of her tours. It involved few people, among them two nuclear physicists. They were very impressed with the vortex and Ali’s insights. At one point I heard one of them commenting to another: “ I wish I took this tour when I was still in school” I wanted to say to him “ Don’t worry about it, you still are in school” but kept my mouth shut.

On my last day there interesting event took place.

Two men were traveling, on two bikes, to the Glacier Park on the highway that runs by the Vortex House. One of then has been to the Vortex before and wanted to stop by on his way back but he forgot to tell his friend about it. On the way back his friend was the leader.

Driving behind him, the men who wanted to stop, was sending him a desperate mental message: “ Stop at the Vortex House, stop a. . .” and to his surprise and joy the leader turned into the parking lot of the vortex house.

The men said to his friend: “ Great, you have heard my mental call to you” The other guy answered: “ No, I stopped because a huge bug smashed into my visor and I couldn’t see anything, so I stopped to clean my visor”

This is a perfect example of how the FORCE works…in a mysterious way.

It was hard to leave Montana, the Big Sky Country. When I came back home my pal “Thunder” was about to go on a journey. He checked out in a few hours after I came back. To me it felt as if he was waiting for me to say goodbye.

Roam the Big Sky Country “Thunder”, one day I will see you again in this world or another!

Złoty Środek: wstęp na końcu

Pewien człowiek był ścigany przez tygrysa, kiedy znalazł się na skraju stromej skarpy. Czepiając się krzaków i korzeni zaczął spuszczać się w dół. "Jestem uratowany" pomyślał, kiedy ku swojemu przerażeniu zobaczył drugiego tygrysa czekającego go na dole.

Nagle zauważył dziką truskawkę, rosnącą na prawie pionowej powierzchni skarpy. Zerwał ją i włożył do ust. Była tak smaczna, że przez chwilę zapomniał o tygrysach, rozkoszując się słodyczą truskawki rozpływającej się w jego ustach.

Ten blog jest właśnie o tej truskawce :)

« The Christ is, undoubtedly, coming Czas leczy rany? »



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I think, readers may need a map of Montana. Or a link to it.

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interaktywna, z zaznaczonym Kallispel. Można wpisywać inne nazwy miejscowosci.


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