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9 February 2018

Krzysztof Wirpsza

Cycle: Doorways Theory (how many: 14)

The Physical Body and Stress, part 1

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Doorway One – Enneagram One, First Chakra, Mass (Matter), element: Earth, physical body, sefira: Chokhmah, trigram: ch'ien (Heavens), Tarot symbols I. MAGICIAN and XI. FORCE

We were discussing Chakra One, and we seemed already a couple of times to have closed the discussion. Yet, every time, I still somehow felt unsatisfied. I have left several „transformation keys” scattered around the texts, still, have never explicitly listed the tools and the tricks I use with the First Doorway.

Today I have this strong urge to do it. So forgive me, Dear www.taraka.pl Reader, I am going to write a one more text (or actually, two texts, for this is the Part One), with intention to sum it all up practically. How to „practice” the First Chakra? In which way my ideas are the „doorway” to the Absolute, and can this „doorway” be used at will by one interested?

Doorway One – or the First Chakra

In the First Chakra we've had the two: the Objective Reality (Mass – or Matter) and the Reality of the Self. The difference between the two is stress. Stress gets accumulated as a result of friction between objects. The Reality of Self , on the other hand, is devoid of Stress. It is a place of blissful extasy and creativity.

We stated that the Self is source, while the Objective Reality, result. By some unknown reason, the blissful Reality of Self became Objective Reality and now, Objective Reality remains all that can be observed. The question is of course – what happened to the Reality of Self?

While obviously working here with perception or metaphor, we want to now say something important. We do use perception and metaphor, but not as things in themselves – but as means to a goal. This goal is Reality of Self.

We have called this reality the Grand Singular Idea, and that is, in other words, You (and Me, and everybody and everything else). So, to repeat, we work with symbols, but only to reach the Source, which is beyond symbols, because it's Truth.

The incompleteness of reality

Well, time to say it: We, as a Grand Singular Ideas, have made the Objective Reality exactly in this purpose: so we could learn how to come back.

On this level we are dealing with Truth, although impalpable, and accessible only via intuition. Intuitively we feel that We forgot the Truth, or otherwise there wouldn't be any problem. Yet, there's a problem. The world has got a problem, and everybody in it seem to have a lot of problems. We need spirituality and personal growth as remedy for something, so there must be some kind of incompletenss or incompetency in the seemingly smooth obviousness of things.

This incompleteness is the fact that we are not True.

We are missing some important element in what we call Objective Reality. This Objective Reality isn't thus really real. It is missing something, and when something is missing, then the rest cannot be called Truth. The Objective Reality is a partial truth, not total Truth. But even calling it partial truth remains tricky, as Truth can only be one.

No, the Objective Reality is not „untrue”, either. It's got its solidity, and it's got it's laws that work. Most of our life we obey those laws, and if we don't, we quickly get ourelves in trouble. The Objective Reality is full of efficient, really good algorithms that drive the machine. They help the machine run correctly as a machine should.


All that being said, machines usually have a purpose.

What is our Machine for? It is here for us to learn. We, as Grand Singular Ideas, have made the visible reality, to be our classrooms, an environment where we remember Truth, and come back to our creative state. It is, in other words, a one big blackbord, on which formless energy is given form, for teaching purposes. This form is teaching how to overcome problem.

In other words, Matter is teaching how to be True - and that means how to be creative, because Truth is creative. Being a wise teacher, Matter applies unique treatment to each of us separately. That's the reason why no two paths on this Earth are similar, and no physical teacher can solve the problem for us. We must do it alone.

As within, so without

Beacuse of that, everything that seems to happen out there is reallly a reflection of what is happening in us. We have never so far mentioned it so clearly, yet we think it's important, because all the rest depends on it.

We are Grand Singular Ideas. There is nothing else in Truth. What we call Mass (or Matter) is a blackboard, meant to teach us a lesson. Without a blackboard, the information couldn't be absorbed by the body. By some reason we, as Grand Singular Ideas have believed we need a body – so we also need blackboard. With every single body the lesson takes a different shape, but all lessons have one thing in common.

It is this: discovering that at some point we can bypass the algorithm.

The famous phrase of Hermes Trismegistus, that „As above so below” should read: „As within so without”. Understanding the relationship between our Self (which includes our belief system) and our environment (which includes the trouble we face) is the crux of all life's lessons. By looking in, which we do as we grow spiritually, we have the ability to understand the lesson, and by that, learn how to creatively change the reality without.

Magican's Wand

We've atributed the inside reality to Hermes, the Magician-God, because it had the power to as if „magically” transform the outside world, had we only really looked at its Source. The Rod of Hermes, Caducaeus, is symbolic of our Center, or Self, which, in Doorway One, is given influence over outside reality – the way Magician's Wand does.

We are talking about a subjective experience here – the experience of touching Our Self with magic stick of awareness, wherebout the so called physical stress seems to „disappear”. Stress is usually the basic limit to change, so when we take away stress – the change may naturally flow in.

Touching Self with the stick of awarenss

We put the word „disappear” in inverted quotes, so as to show that it's something that happens psychologically, within our own consciousness – not objectively, out there. In fact, there is no out there. Everything we see and experience happens to us psychologically – inside.

What we are saying here is that the power button lies inside (not out there, in better job, better finances, beter place to live, more comfort, less stress, more social recognition, better friends or more acceptance). The power is in Us – that is in our own experience of our Selves.

Let's find this, and we will also tap the power.

Mantras and affirmations

Some of us may use occasionally a mantra or an affirmation. The mantra or an affirmation work because they are intellectual descriptions of the Truth. The Truth (fact that we, as Grand Singular Ideas, are free and limitless) is what actually makes the affirmation effective.

What we are doing here is looking for a way that is more direct, juicy, and honest – then an affirmation or a mantra. It's a kind of deepened work. We try not only to repeat the symbol our minds, but at the same time experience the vibration with our whole body, and also lose ourselves in it – instead of just observing.

The losing ourselves in the vibration is the same as remembering that all the way there is Truth. Truth remains limitless and cannot be observed. This supposed presence of an invisible agent, available only to our intuition creates a feeling of mystery. It is the essential difference between „affirmation work”, and what we are going to present in the Part Two of this article.


The mysteriousness of the process is its indelible mark. We feel curiosity ­ for we have no labels to name the awaking Truth. For each of us it is individual, powerful, juicy and promising – but cannot be touched. It's also caprioscious, coming and going at will, like a werelight. That too whets the curiosity, leaving us in a state of wondering expectancy. The whole of inner spaciousness broadens and a sense of self transforms. The real Power is now at our fingertips.

This is the way to call for the experience itself. This is the way to trust that the experience is there - and that it's something almost beyond the mind's grasp, and yet more objectively there than the Objectivity itself. If a mere affirmation of Truth brings results, then how much more powerful would be the True Thing?

Well, the time has come to actually look at the very process of noticing the Source (the Magician in us), and understanding, even if for a split second in our own estimation, that we are Infinite Creators of reality that is beyond what we can see or touch. This impression cannot be proven, but it can be experienced. It's a goal of Doorway One to make minds creative power available to those who want.

May the power be with Us, as Grand Singular Ideas, for it is Fun! ;)

« A thousand ways of Mass The Physical Body and Stress, part 2 »


1. Never ending discussion • autor: Mirro2018-02-09 19:30:46

This is one of never ending discussions, never satysfying for everybody


2. Exactly :) • autor: Krzysztof Wirpsza2018-02-10 10:52:59

(as above)

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