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10 February 2018

Krzysztof Wirpsza

Cycle: Doorways Theory (how many: 14)

The Physical Body and Stress, part 2

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Doorway One – Enneagram One, First Chakra, Mass (Matter), element: Earth, physical body, sefira: Chokhmah, trigram: ch'ien (Heavens), Tarot symbols I. MAGICIAN and XI. FORCE

This is not an idle game, as the Objective Reality we see out there does indeed seem quite solid. Still, the nature of the experience we are trying to foster, would be that that very solidity melts and becomes un-solid when in touch with the creative power of Self. In other words – the Self makes Objectivity become spaciousness.

Space is a opposite of Mass. How can be Mass made of space? Mass is solid, while space – changing and formless. Mass is always dark, concrete, always in one place. Space? Infinite, permeated with light and everywhere. Inner spaciousness.

Mass diffusing into spaciousness

Still, that's exactly what happens with Doorway One. It's the practical essence of all we've said so far. Our idea of Mass – becomes Space (or, in enneagram terms, One goes to Seven).

This experience is universal, independently of faith, spiritual tradition, systems of beliefs or lack thereof. It happens to everybody, and some of you might now, on reading this, be recalling instances from your life when that appeared to be the case. Short, almost instantly forgotten situations where you lost the density of your body, as well as concreteness of your thoughts and perceptions. All suddenly melted into infinite mystery – you've crossed the Doorway One..

This is the essence of First Chakra – the universal instruction to work with Mass (Matter). How to practice with the Bones of Reality (i.e. everyday, normal situations that involve Stress)? How to live our lives independently of all unpleasant situations that we encounter daily? The lack of comfort, the financial limits, the absence of love, peace, the stress, the caprisciousness of fate, the bad luck and the unpredictability of our future – they are all „stones” (or „bones”) that all the way keep grinding and rattling. They are the Stress of Life, or the Humdrum of Mass. Well, how to find magic standing on an isle on one of the busy Warsaw's crossroads? How to not only say affirmations – but remember we are Creators – really remember, with our flesh and bones, with our inner intuition and certainty?

Exercise 1 A certain feel for it....

While working with Mass (Matter) we will always start with seeing ourselves as an object. „I am a physical body in this situation”, „I am a bundle of muscle and bones glued together by Stress”, „I am a Fact.I am an objective act, entity, consciousnes. I remain natural, normal, here and now. There's no mystery to me.” „I am a body”, „I am what I am, and I am trying to do what I do correctly” „I am working very hard to DO something with myself right now” „I am trying to CHANGE myself”. And so on.

Now take eny of those states. Look at it as if you look at a stone. Look at it from all sides. „I am Fact.” „I am One” „I am my state”„I want to change”. Okay.

You could even imagine it's a stone that you turn in your fingers. Hmmm... What's that? Hmmmm.... Is that really so „normal”? Well....

Give yourself time, lots. Slowly, but without hopes or expectations, try to look for a certain feel to the stone, a spaciousness (or lightness or vibration) in your inner perception of it. Do it lazily, as if nothing was supposed to happen. But be open. Openness is key in these exercises. We are trying to open the stone – and see what's inside.

So look at the „stone” again and ask: Is this really THAT, or is there, perhaps, something more? Feel it with the edges of your bodily awareness. Your body is not sheer Mass. It's the Grand Idea collapsed into Mass, and now, with thorough attention, we are trying to massage the Mass back into life. Can we succeed?

Scan Mass for vibrations of Self. Where the outline of your body touches the Universe, there mind is most vulnerble, most prone to suddenly changing perception from finite to... Light. Experience the feeling of great peace and lovingness that it brings.

Exercise 2 Curiosity and mystery

Do the above exercise, and in its latter part ask yourself: „Am I curious of what is emerging?” „Am I excited?” „Am I feeling like Alice in Wonderland standing at the gates of a magic garden?” „Am I thrilled from that happy expectancy?”


This hue of curiosity should help you. First it can be just short moments, moments of spaciousness, like quick flashes of light on the outskirts of the Dark Spot. They will „show” you infinity just for a second, and then instantly vanish, like werelights in a spirit forest.

Those flashes will gradually lead you to a more stable experience. Collect them. Each is precious. Remember it's easy to forget you even had them! They come from out of time, as if from nowhere, and thus have a tendency to go unnoticed by mind. The mind is so much used to Things and States, and this is something else. It skips them, pretends they are not there. That's why, it's very important to do this exercise with a great feeling of loving respect towards yourself. Assume you have no idea of what you are really capable of and feel the tingling of that coming. Expect to be surprised  by... Yourself!

After a while, add a hue of mysteriousness. Say to yourself: „Okaay, then what will happen now?” „Where am I?” „Wow!” „That's wonderful!”"Look!" „There's something more and further and broader to anything I see! Now, what is it?”

„By the way, can it make me happy? Lucky? Better person?  Famous? Rich? More sex? More dancing madly on the beach by moonlight? Hell, have I been just  invited for interview to the Dream Manifestation TV?” And switch yourself to that mode.

Now, without thinking or imagining, try to be just aware of how little you really know. Especially focus on your internal situation. Is it bad? But maybe it appears bad, because it teaches you a lesson to reach for something good?  It's all such a mystery. Ask yourself „What is it?" Say: I don't really know what it is, but let me feel the overall fragrance” „Let me experience the deeper, spacious nature of it”.

Then think something like: „I invite all the new, rainbow dimensions it will show me, let me allow it to show me, with complete ease, relaxing deeply, not desiring any change, remaining vulnerable and gently touching the thing with my intuitive fingertips....”

Touching the boundaries of Mass with (inner) fingertips

Again, try to experience not with your thoughts or mental images, but with the outline of body and the inner intuition. Be aware of your body simultaneously relaxing your awareness inwards. You can do it wherever, but it's best to start when you are alone and can focus.

The position of body doesn't matter (e.g. you can lie down).

Exercise 3 – I am okay

Say to yourself:

I accept it.  I learn

It's all a classroom.

I am okay. The situation I am in is okay. My life is okay. Others are okay. This is all a reflection of the One Truth Within, and that truth is okay! That truth is Okay, because it is a One, Singular idea, common to everybody. Everybody are learning here. So I forgive them. I forgive myself. I don't need to get anything to be happy. I know I need to learn the right way first. And in the meantime -  I am alive! Hurray!

Look at the flashes of infinity when you say it. Don't let it be just a mental declaration. Contemplate it. Be curious. Feel the mystery of a cosmic win-win! Set ready for an adventure!

Ask yourself: „What will the Universe bring?”

We don't need to go anywhere from here. We don't need to prove anything (like a One does!). We don't need to get anything, we can live humble and frugal life like Puritans did. Every day - a new lesson. Every day - just this day. Everything -  just okay the way it is - nobody's wrong.

There are so many paths, some may seem strange, but that's exactly why we are not walking them. Accept your path, it is good. It is maybe not like what others do, and certainly it is not perfect, but it is good, you are doing what you can. Maybe one day things will change? Maybe not. Maybe they don't need to. Maybe you are already good as you are?

Who could explain or understand this huge complex mystery of „why certain things happen to certain people and don't happen to others?” Forget it! You will never figure this out! We are like an ant staring at the Moon.

Whoops! Are you with me?

An ant
the Moon.

This is when the mystery of existence, with its deep wonderful fragrance, is shown to us in a most intimate act. Life is no ordinary. Every moment is extraordinary, it is discovery. Let us see it. Let us feel it for in this lies the experience we are about.

Straighten your back and look around. Say to yourself:

                      This is my life and I am proud of it.

All of it. We are proud of it all, no matter who says or does what. Say to yourself:

I am so glad my Life on its tangled paths has brought me here.

I am going to live and let live.

Exercise 4 – Insect from Andromeda

Tiredness? Stress? Any difficult emotion you want to work with? Or maybe the glassy feeling that nothing changes, all is toil, hard work, collapsing darkness with sooo little choice?

Are we getting old?

Look at it. Turn it about in your fingers. With the knowledge that you accept it, and with that sweet feeling of laziness, the knowledge that you are curious... the awareness that just round the corner there might be  a Surprise! - turn it about in your fingers.

Now, imagine you are a space-enthomologist. You are looking at an exotic, beautiful insect, an insect that comes from the Andromeda galaxy. Here it is – the luminous, irridescent, peculiar thing. It looks like nothing you have ever known. Or seen. Completely crazy...


You don't know really what that thing means. I mean - you don't. Really. You seem to be surrounded by the same set of people and situations – day to day, year to year. Lifetime to lifetime... And yet... you keep finding new meanings to what once seemed plain and evident! What life would be without discovery?

Add a hue of discovery  to your alchemical  mix. Say to your „object”: „What a cosmic, pulsating, joyful, sweet adventure You are!” „I am so glad. What exotic and amazing being, here on Earth!” „Thank you for bringing in so much into my otherwise mundane, well, situation...” „I am so grateful for your strange light. Please, could you show perhaps …. more?”

Remember to stay relaxed. Be mildly focused on body feelings, without expecting anything to happen. Relax your crude mental faculty into the very subtle, almost microscopic vibrations on the surface of your skin. Imagine you are touched by fluffy, fern-like, ultra-subtle feelers of your cosmic Moth. Aaaaaah..... 

Allow the Higher Consciousness to do the job, don't even try to bother.

Last, if it doesn't work.... well, if it doesn't work, if its' all just bogus, fairytale written by a weirdo, if it rings no bell and touches no string, then... This is your Insect.

You are witnessing a wonderful opportunity to talk to it. Will you dare?

Talking with Yourself

It's all really about learning to talk with Yourself.

The symbols and images are here to make it easier, more colorful and absorbing. However, the goal is simple. Master the ability to communicate with your own Higher Mind, or the Inner Child, or, as we call it here, the Grand Singular Idea. The rest is just a story.

If somebody tells you you are crazy, go tell them to get stuffed. This is a most normal thing, but we've forgotten. The shamans (true shamans) know it very well. The indigenous people just as well, or at least it would make sense to me if they did. It's only us, the children of Dark Age that have to re-learn it. And thus change. And thus be happy, even amidst our sweet pending Apocalypse.

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