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16 lipca 2018

Krzysztof Wirpsza

z cyklu: Doorways Theory (odcinków: 14)

Point of contact

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It is all about the point of contact between two individuals.

It is an extremely important thing. We resist each other as individuals and the whole point of communicating is to stop that. We should stop resisting each other and recognize the One reality that we partake in. Only in that way we can stop wars, all kinds of wars.

Naturally, the main problem is that we do not see a problem. We say, oh, well, I am just different than you, that's normal. We then try to be nice to each other despite we are obviously different. That's what Christianity teaches, and that's what Buddhism teaches, and that's what practically any religion teaches. That is also taught by the so called common sense or common morality – we should all try to get along smoothly, think positive, smile and don't make much noise. Well, naturally, the reasoning behind is that if all cogs in the machine cooperate, then the machine, which in our case is the social organism, will prosper without hindrance.

And that is what we all want, isn't it?


The thing is that there must be a reason why the cogs don't want to cooperate. Didn't it always seem logical, obvious to you? It did to me. And nobody, literally nobody seemed interested. Without finding that reason all the superficial good actions, good wishes, good words and what not, were easily brought down to a happy bunch of originals babbling about some crazy ideals while the world was at the brink of precipice. Who would need ideas that obviously don't work? Who would want „energy” that was only concept, a one more fashion, a lifestyle during the dark times of Final Collapse? Why if not only to entertain the busy crowd, give them an illusion of being something extraordinary and so sweeten their last days on psycho planet? It somehow always rang true to me that only healing the reason of our fights can eradicate them and prevent their proliferation in the future. A reason like that, if only I found it, would change my life instantly, in this moment, forever.

So is there a reason like that? And what is it?What is the hidden mistake in thinking that led the humanity astray and into the depths of Atomic Age?

Who We Are

Is it that we don't recognize Who We Are?

In other words, is it that we do not see that there is a One Reality existing all the time despite seeming differences?

Who knows? Maybe? But... wait... One and Only Reality? Aren't you finally bored with the polite talk of Them All Saints? Didn't you ever expect something more than that nauseating bla-blah-blah, be good, be human, be mindful? If that was true, if it was possible at all to be good why does almost nobody, really, do it? Why are we, as a global society, on the verge of destruction, literally?

I want One Reality that is more than politeness. I want One Reality that is more than a facebook meme. I want One Reality that has nothing to do with smooth words of a bald man who spent most his lifetime in Plum Village and has no freaking idea what real life is about. Be good, be your best, smile to life, enjoy your time. Be above the stupid crowd (but never mention it). I want One Reality that is more than that.

Observe your thoughts and try not to react. This all is useful, I know. But what if you can't? Do you know what I mean? What if you are just unable to do it? None will prosper from words. None will make any benefit from peaceful assurances. You can take all the Dalai Lamas of the world and make them produce tons of sleek sentences, on tons of printed paper, which will not, in the end, make any difference when you really get pissed.The question is: how to unlock the whole thing, so you are finally able to … really observe, really smile?


Pissed is pissed. When you get pissed there is no observe. All this philosophical savoir-vivre goes to hell when you really start getting angry at me or when I start getting angry at you. There is no polite way to deal with anger, and if somebody tells you there is – that's a classic example of denial. And it is all around us, yes, it's in us, it's in me and you. So what can we do? Is there a trigger mechanism that creates it and that has nothing to do with being calm, being good, or being mindful? Is there a TRUE CAUSE there?

If we could only grasp that, all the rest, the good deeds and noble endeavors, would come to us naturally. However, since we don't recognize it, we are sentenced to the slow and inefficient process of smiling to each other despite all. Yuk.

Beggars can't be choosers as they say.

The text first appeared on Author's blog: www.doorwaystheory.com.

« Psychedelic Aquarium At a Feast with Dionysus »

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