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6 May 2011

Terravis Wiktor Rumocki

Sacred Geometry of Tarot: Code of Tarot

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In the article, I'd like to describe the "geometry of notions" (sacred geometry) of Tarot cards.
The discovered code of Tarot was broken thanks to analysis of the old Tarot de Marseille type I decks: Jean Noblet Tarot and Jean Dodal Tarot. (Here I would like to thank Jean Claude Flornoy www.tarot-history.com - excellent site) Some unusually essential details were preserved only in these ancient versions of Tarot. These details were most important for decoding the Tarot sacred geometry.


The most fascinating details occur in:
1. The Magician (Le Bateleur) card from Jean Noblet Tarot and
2. The World (Le Monde) card from Jean Dodal Tarot

The magician from Noblet cards is keeping the dildo instead of the wand.
The Magician is joining the wand to the ring. This action is a symbolic enactment of the sexual act.


The entire composition of the World card from Dodal deck is... yes, this is the YONI . The entire composition of the World card from this Tarot deck presents female genitalia.


The Magician is number I and the World is number XXI. What card is in the middle of the road between them? This card is Strenght XI: Women (female) on a lion (male) = sex.
Aleister Crowley was right! This card represents sex. (No, not the Lovers card!) The Magician and The World are the primary pair. These cards are uniting in the card Strenght (Crowley very much accurately named this card Lust). Between these cards we have secondary pairs. Let's look at them one after the other.

1. The first so called secondary pair is the Popess and Judgement: Popess represents secrecy and divine wisdom (Sophia), and Judgement represents divine Enlightenment. Popess represents The Moon and mystery, the Judgement represents the elements of Spirit and Fire.
2. The next pair is the Empress and the Sun: Mother and children...
3. The next pair is the Emperor and the Moon: Hard concrete and valiant versus the world of illusion and weakness. In the Golden Dawn attributions system the Emperor is connected with Aries and the Moon is connected with Pisces - the two neighbouring signs of the Zodiac.
4. The next pair is the Pope and the Star: The Pope applies magic towards people, and the young goddess applies magic towards the environment. The Star above the goddess is Venus, the Hierofant is being linked traditionally with the sign of Taurus - Venus in Taurus: this is traditionally considered a very good astrological connection.
5.The next pair is the Lovers and the Tower: nuptials (association between people) versus collapse of the association.
6. The next pair is the Chariot and the Devil: These are two chariots: chariot of the Sun and moon chariot of the Devil.
7.The next pair is Justice and Temperance: The necessity of deliberation and temperance in making judgements.
8. The next pair is the Hermit and Death: The elder and death, the time and death.
9. The next pair is the Wheel of Fortune and the Hanged Man: continuous movement and change versus stillness and stagnation.


Above I described the first part of the code of Tarot. Let's look at the second part of the code: the connection of the Fool and the Judgement in the Wheel of Fortune. The card of Judgement is a revival and enlightenment, but the Fool is an exile and stupid (sometimes though he is the really enlightened man). Thanks to the decree of Fate it is possible to be in a situation of the foolish exile or to experience the enlightenment and the revival. The pairs between the Fool and the Judgement are:

1. The Magician and the Sun: Mercury as a herald of the Sun. Also there are very old parallels between the Sun and the penis, between sunlight and semen.
2. The Popess and the Moon... ha ha, no comment necessary...
3. The Empress and the Star: These cards are very female. The Empress in the Golden Dawn attribution system is connected with Venus, and the Star above the young goddess from XVII arcanum is... Venus.
4. The Emperor and the Tower: Aries and Mars - excellent but explosive connection. The Emperor is a guard and defender of stability, in contrast to the Tower which is disintegration.
5. The Pope and the Devil: Let me remind you about the popes from the Borgia family... The spirituality and the corporality. Two kinds of gurus.
6. The Lovers and Temperance: Harmonious connection between various elements (please look at these cards from Crowley Thoth deck).
7.The Chariot and Death: the fullness of life in triumph versus death and defeat. In the Zodiac: Cancer and Scorpio - two signs of the element of water.
8. Justice and the Hanged Man: The court and the traitor.
9. The Hermit and Strenght (Lust): celibacy and sex. In astrology: Virgo and Leo - the two neighbouring signs of the Zodiac.


Please look (above) at the places where the lines unite two groups of cards. This accumulated energy is ominous. Lightning or fire is hitting the Tower and the Devil's torch is ignited - magic discharge.

Let's look at the third part of Tarot code: the connection between cards from the first and second decan of the major arcana:

1. The Popess and the Hanged Man: the secret and the betrayal.
2. The Empress and Death: life (mother) and death.
3. The Pope and the Devil: this connection was described above.
4. The Lovers and the Tower: this connection was also described above.
5. Justice and the Moon: rational judgement versus illusions and visions.
6. The Hermit and the Sun: The elder and children, Inquisitiveness (looking behind the fence) and reserve, the prodigality and the meanness. Both the Sun and the lamp of the Heremit are symbolizing also a knowledge and truth.

I omitted the Emperor and Temperance, and the Chariot and the Star, let me explain why.
Swapping the Star and the Emperor would be far more justified than the exchange of Lust (Strength) and Justice. (Mistake of the Golden Dawn system.)
1.Temperance and the Star: collecting the energy versus spilling the energy
2.Emperor and Chariot: two warriors, the one which is fighting and the one who is celebrating his success. Again Aleister Crowley was right.

However, why is it better to apply the original numbering here?

1. If we changed the places of the the Star and the Emperor, the astral triad (the Star, the Moon and the Sun) would disintegrate. Moreover four is a number of the earth, something concrete and therefore it belongs to the Emperor more than the Star.
2. The goddess from XVII arcanum and the female angel from XIV arcanum are balancing the energies between dangerous and lunar cards. We can see it, by placing the cards in one line. Temperance is between Death (slow disintegration, defeat) and the Devil (the Devil is a very lunar card). The Star is between the Tower (rapid disintegration, disaster) and the Moon.
3. Two female beings with jugs are opposite to the male warriors.
The Emperor is a card of fight (arcanum assigned in the system of the Golden Dawn to the sign of Aries and at the classical numbering it is connected (in described geometry of notions) to the Tower, which is associated with the planet Mars. (Please refer to the description and pictures above). It is the card of decisive and not subtle operations. A female angel (from XIV card) balances the Emperor card. She is collecting the essential energy but also she encourages moderation. This is the card of art.
The Chariot is the card of success and glory. In Dodal deck the female from XVII arcanum is pregnant. She is balancing him calmly spilling waters. The Chariot in the Golden Dawn system is associated with the sign of Cancer. The Zodiacal sign of Cancer is traditionally linked with fertility, motherhood and the family, so the Star goddess is a good partner for the Chariot. This is pair of luck and comfort.

Aleister Crowley accurately changed only cabalistic attribution of these cards. (The Star - HE and The Emperor - TSADI).

We can transform the image from the drawing No. 5. Now the cards from the Empress to Justice and from Death to the Moon form two semicircles.


Now we can see the key with the star inside. To the left of the diagram is a system of coordinates. Three dimensions. There are eight paths: 1. from the Fool to the Wheel of Fortune, 2. from the Wheel of Fortune to Judgement, 3. from Judgement to Strenght, 4. from Strenght to the Popess (High Priestess), 5. from the Magician to Strenght, 6. from Strenght to the World, 7. from the Wheel of Fortune to Strenght and 8. from the Hanged Man to Strenght. The star has sixteen points composed of thirty two lines. 8+16+32=56 :)

Haute magie...

Semicircles of the tarot key diagram also contain interesting connections:


1. The Pope and the Lovers: the Lovers in Marseille Tarot probably shows engagement, and the Hierophant is a priest. Marriage ceremony is a connection between these two cards.
2. The Emperor and the Chariot: this pair was described above.
3. The Empress and Justice: Venus in Libra - a very good astrological connection.
4. The Popess and the Hermit: the Popess is secrecy and divine wisdom, the Hermit is an old sage and a guard of secret knowledge
6. The Devil and the Tower: Devil card represents orgies, alcohol carousals, materialism. If we do not maintain moderation, it poses a threat of disaster.
7. Temperance and the Star: this pair was described above.
8. Death and the Moon: disintegration and madness.


9. The Hanged Man and the Sun: The XII arcanum is not only betrayal and state of nonaction, as sometimes this card means initiation, and mystery. The Hanged Man seems to notice things which nobody else can see. The Hanged Man is also a sacrifice - in many ancient agricultural societies offering human sacrifices for solar deities was a very common practice.

Artur Kowalik wrote in his article "Outline of the Cosmology of Ancient Slavic People":

"In the evident way the described structure is symbolizing the energy of creation, keeping it's dual characteristic at the same time: two poles are expressing the state of polarization of the arrangement. Crosspiece linking them means the state of bipolar unity which exists in the highest point of the Universe - this is the place of eternal fire giving the supernatural wisdom"

In the Golden Dawn attributions system, The Sun is called: The Lord of the Fire of the World.

The next part of this article will concern fascinating details from cards of the Tarot of the Marseille (mostly type I TdM)

Why is the Magician from Noblet cards demonstrating the mano cornuta gesture in direction of the Fool?


The Fool can be a hidden Devil!
Please look at the drawing from the old French book "Dictionaire infernal" (author Collin de Plancy) No comment.


Please notice that a stream is flowing between the legs of the Magician from Noblet cards. It is symbolizing the border between two realities. The Magician is a shaman standing on the border between our reality and the spirit world.
The position of the Magician's hands is similar to the position of of the angel's hands in Temperance card.


Both the Magician and the angel from Temperance cause the demonstration and the flow of the energy. The angel from Temperance stands between: the Traitor and Death on one side, the Devil and the Tower on the other side. This angel is trying to level energies between these dangerous cards. Similarly the Magician as a shaman and magus is struggling with these dangerous forces. His left hand is connecting with the Tower (fire), and his right hand is connecting with the Hanged Man (card of the element of water according to attribution of the Golden Dawn system).


The clothing and the arm of the Fool from cards of the Marseille Tarot contains the Orion constellation.
In the Greek mythology Orion was a great hunter who died from large scorpion's sting sent by Artemis, the goddess of hunts and a sudden death. Orion had the dog - Sirius, which together with him was transferred by the gods to the night sky. The most fascinating part of the Orion constellation is the belt with three bright stars lined up. This belt is pointing at Sirius - the brightest star of the sky. In the northern hemisphere, during the period of winter solstice, Sirius is placed near the resurrecting Sun.

On the left in the described diagram of geometry of notions of the Tarot there are two triads. The first of them is: the Fool, the Wheel of Fortune and Judgement. The Wheel of Fortune is numerically associated with the Sun:
19 --- 1+9=10.
One of the secret meanings of the Judgement card is the resurrecting Sun. The belt of the Orion constellation is directed to the left. However the belt of the Fool is directed to the right. Why? The belt of the Fool is directed at the table of the Magician. The Magician's operation symbolically represents the sexual act - the resurection via natural reproductive processes.

"Terravis" Wiktor Rumocki


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