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19 października 2012

Karol Żelazny

z cyklu: Złoty Środek (odcinków: 79)

The Last Spin Cycle

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The last spin cycle (play) 

Mark – Insecure, no-sayer
Mary - Voice of reason
John – Optimistic risk taker

Setting: The final plain of existence; the disappearing horizon

Mark: I feel, like all this time, we have been going in circles.

John: the closer we get to the edge the faster it disappears, we need to speed up or else!

Mary: that’s no use; we have been running for years. We need another strategy.

Mark: the horizon is getting lower just like your forehead John. You remind me of a Neanderthal.

John: The way I see it, you are the missing link in evolutionary chain, Mark.

Mary: Stop arguing and look for solutions. This is the very end of the world from what I can gather. The horizon is so damn low, that it makes our peripheral vision almost nonexistent.

Mark: John got us here. I told you both: don’t follow the rainbow. Rainbows look pretty but they are ethereal in nature.

John: There are different types of rainbow. I found one before that was solid like a rock. We had for years. All my friends came to play on it. Once we raced our ponies across it.

Mary: There is another side of the coin to every rainbow. We are here because we started the journey. I suspect we are part of a huge game. We are the players and pawns at the same time. The game is in constant motion. Even if we stand still, we are still moving.

Mark: What’s the objective of the game?

Mary: That’s what we need to figure out.

John: we need to analyze our situation starting from the beginning. I got the casting call, when I showed up on the set, you were already there.

Mark: We came almost at the same time. Mary had a map.

Mary: It was not a map. I was holding in my hand wrapping of a sandwich

Mark: I thought that you, Mary were our guide.

John: me too, and you always had a good advice. Remember when the herd of charging elephants attacked us in Africa. We could not possibly outrun them. You’ve made your handkerchief look like a mouse and the herd turned away. Genius!

Marry: I’m resourceful but I just heard the director shout: “extras go” so I yelled at you: "Let’s go" and that’s how we started our journey 7 years ago. I thought that John was in charge. He always plans the next move.

John: I don’t have a clue. I just plan what to do next. It’s a habit.

Mark: I think we have a problem

John: You are quick to jump to conclusions, Mark….not!

Mary: What is this noise? Can you hear it? It sounds like a huge grinding wheel.

John: Look to the left. It reminds me of a giant washing machine. Hold on, it is pulling us inside.

Mark: It will grind us to shreds.

Mary: I love your optimism Mark!

John: What should we do Mary? Resist or go with the flow?

Mary: the gravity is too strong. It will pull us inside but let’s go on our own terms.

Mark: What do you mean?

Mary: Let’s hold hands and work together to stay afloat. I can see swirling water inside this monster.

Mark: I can’t swim I’m scared of water

Mary: John and I will help you. Take a deep breath…

Scenery: inside a giant washing machine

John: we are inside, it is huge. There must be few millions people here.

Mark: It's scary shit but I feel better. Like I’m lighter or something.

John: Have you lost some weight?

Mark: No, something happening to my mind. I’m not fearful anymore.

Mary: Definitely something is going on. I feel happier and more relaxed

John: me too. What is this place?

Mark: It is a purgatory!

Mary: What?!

Mark: Look there. There is a sign on the wall: PURGATORY

John: That makes sense. We are in a washing machine which is a cleansing tool. Purgatory according to Christianity is where the souls are cleansed of sins.

Mark: what’s the meaning of this? The soul goes to purgatory after death, what does it have to do with us being washed here? We are alive, are we, are we???

Mary: I get it. Purgatory is a state of mind. It is here and it is now. We need to take advantage of our situation.

Mark: are you nuts, what advantage, I’m drowning.

John: I get it. These are the best circumstances we had in years. We have a choice. If we resist cleansing that is being done to us, we will drown, but if we swim with the current we will drop all dirty ideas and come out of here smelling like a rose.

Mary: I know what to do. To get out of Purgatory we need to drop our false beliefs, otherwise we will spin around forever inside this huge washing machine one step away from drowning.

John: you are the heaviest, Mark. What can you drop?

Mark: I don’t know. People are always against me, I’m alone, the whole world is out to get me!

Mary: the whole world is within you, one part of you is against another part of you. Drop that belief. That’s what makes you so cranky and confused. Where do you have it?

Mark: my heart feels heavy

John: Open your heart and let it all out. There is a special detergent in this water that dissolves heaviness of the heart.

Mark: I’m, I’m……aaaaaaaa, I’m not alone, I can sense it now.

John: good job Mark, what about you Mary? Why are you here?

Mary: It’s coming to me. If you listen closely, there is a voice. It tells you exactly what to do. It is low, but listen and you will hear. Structure, ideals, my vision, I’m always right. This need to be right. That’s what it is: this need to be right. I can see it now, there is no right or wrong, just opinions, different opinions. It started a long time ago. My mother, she told me: women are always right. I was right ever since that time. The anger when someone tried to prove me wrong. Go away, I’m done with you! I’m free of this nonsense.

Mark: John it’s your turn. What are you hiding? Get clear and let’s scram! The current is getting stronger; we can swim out of here.

John: image, pretending to be someone I’m not. For so long, I don’t know myself. “Be brave”, all I heard, “you are the best”, pretending, pretending, always playing a role. Untrue.

Mary: drop the mold John, it is time. The mask comes off.

John: It is hard to dislodge, it is stuck to my face. Can’t pull it off.

Mary: I will help you. Together now! It is going!

Mark: My God you are black! You used to be blond, fair skinned and handsome.

Mary: Don’t listen to him. You are, I like you better now. I can see your real face.

John: Hold tight, we are in a spin cycle, I’m gonna puke

Mark: Spin cycle works miracles, it’s a fast cleansing process, I love it!

Mary: it’s slowing down

John: I see an opening; let’s go before the new batch gets in

Mary: we are out!

Mark: we have made it!

John: not quite, the game is not over. Let’s gather what we know. The Director sent us out to find the huge false beliefs washing machine. We went through one cleaning cycle and we have done reasonably well.

Mary: Yes we know how to play the game. We need to tell others, share the wealth!

John: We need to show them the way to the Huge Washing Machine, tell them about the Director and the casting call!

Mark: Do you think anyone will believe us?

John: We need to tell a great, compelling story and become a living example. Maybe even write a book about it. Four chapters at the most with titles: The Great Director, Mysterious Casting Call, Mastering the Washing Machine and the Last Spin Cycle.

Mark: It will not end well, I have this feeling.

Mary: Don’t be such a Cassandra, or I will rename you Judas.

Mark: I like the pseudonym, Mary Magdalene!

Mary: that is my middle name, actually.

John: Hej, look there. There is a phone booth. We can call a cab

Mark: There is a sticker with a number here. I'm sure it's a cab company: 0033

Mary: STOP! Don't call anyone it is not a phone booth!

John: Relax (calling)

Change of scenery to Middle East. Desert, donkeys, olive trees

Mary: John, you have done it this time. It was not a phone booth but a time machine!

John: How do you know?

Mary: There was a big sign on the roof of this thing: TIME

MACHINE - One way trip only to 33 A.D.

Mark: 33 AD, Middle East. Great, we can meet Jesus!

Mary: No, don't you get it? There is no Jesus, yet. It is us.

John: What do you mean?

Mary: I'm afraid we are not extras. We are the main characters. The Director gave us the most important roles. We are to set the example and pass on the knowledge we have gathered.

John: What do we do?

Mary: We don't need to do anything. All is planed and it will be executed with ease, if we do not resist and accept the situation.

Mark: Look, the Romans are coming! Where will they take us?

Mary: Jerusalem to see the High Priest, I assume

Mark: What is going to happen to us?

John: Well, I assume we will show the world the way to the Huge Washing Machine, tell them about the Director and the casting call. We will also tell a great, compelling story and become the living example. Maybe even write a book, four chapters at the most with titles: The Great Director, Mysterious Casting Call, Mastering the Washing Machine and the Last Spin Cycle. They will become known as four gospels. So, get ready to meet your destiny folks and have fun with it! And by-the-way Mark, I have this feeling in my gut that you are going to betray me!
                                                          The End

Złoty Środek: wstęp na końcu

Pewien człowiek był ścigany przez tygrysa, kiedy znalazł się na skraju stromej skarpy. Czepiając się krzaków i korzeni zaczął spuszczać się w dół. "Jestem uratowany" pomyślał, kiedy ku swojemu przerażeniu zobaczył drugiego tygrysa czekającego go na dole.

Nagle zauważył dziką truskawkę, rosnącą na prawie pionowej powierzchni skarpy. Zerwał ją i włożył do ust. Była tak smaczna, że przez chwilę zapomniał o tygrysach, rozkoszując się słodyczą truskawki rozpływającej się w jego ustach.

Ten blog jest właśnie o tej truskawce :)

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