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5 March 2012

Aleksandra Nimue Kosakowska

We are all enlightened
About the enligthenment dyad technique and my enlightenment experiences, February 2011

About the enligthenment dyad technique
and my enlightenment experiences
February 2011

I am the endless space where everything happens
and I am everything.
I am eternity, existing in many dimensions in the same time
and I am all that is.
I am the swamp and the fire, ecstasy and pain,
stillness and shout, tenderness and fierce.
I am perfect and perfectly manifesting myself
in all, ever-changing forms,
endlessly playing with myself, moving and dancing,
exploring and embracing all that I am.

the author, speaking from her enlightenment experience

When hearing about enlightenment, many people think of some old, wise man, sitting in a cave in Himalaya or in an ashram in India, totally free from the misery of life, contemplating his oneness with God. The common opinion is that to experience the enlightenment you need to spend minimum 25 years at the feet of this kind of master, meditating many hours a day and totally letting go of something called „normal life”.

The experiences of Enlightenment Intensives (EI) prove that enlightenment is available to all of us. Since 1960’s, when Charles Berner invented the enlightenment dyad technique and used it in the format of 3-days workshop (EI), already thousands of people from all over the world have experienced enlightenment - the direct knowledge about themselves.

There is a difference between „being enlightened” and „having an enlightenment experience”. Being enlightened means that you totally dissolved your mind, you have no more life process to experience and you are here just to emanate the pure light of who you are - this is what the enlightened masters do. Having an enlightenment experience means that you break through the veils of your mind for a while and have a shorter or longer realization of who you really are. This remind can help you to transform your life in such a way that it serves better your Divine nature and it becomes a reflection of It.

What I mean by saying that „we are all enlightened” is that in our true nature we are all perfect and we are all the same. We all have the power and possibility to know ourselves directly, as we really are, and we have the power and possibility to forget about it. It’s forgetting that allows us to fully involve into the wonderful play of life and in this way it is perfect. Anyhow, it’s remembering that enables us to create our lives in such a way that they reflect our Divine nature.

So if you experience that the way you engage into life doesn’t serve your body and causes suffering to your mind or if you just feel this painful desire in your heart for knowing the Truth, knowing what is real, knowing who you truly are, then it’s a good time to sit down and face yourself. The enlightenment dyad technique is perfect for that. It’s the most quick way to realize your true nature and it is available to everyone.

How is it possible?

Enlightenment happening to normal people within 3 days? How is it possible? The secret of EI lies mainly in communication and contact factor coming from usage of the enlightenment dyad technique. The technique consists from two elements - contemplating the koan „who am I?” and communicating all the results of the contemplation to a partner sitting opposite you. One dyad (gr. dyad = „two people”) is about 40 minutes practice during which two people, facing each other, take turns in listening and speaking out everything that appears in their contemplation.

Communication is the quickest way of clearing the mind. The mind is like a storage with all memories, ideas, identifications and attached emotions, that were not completely understood and integrated in the past. They are waiting there to be embraced and dissolved and until then they are covering your true identity like the clouds covering the endless space of the sky.

Observing the mind, like it’s done in the classical meditation, allows you to become aware of its contents and this way dissolve it into the emptiness of your being. It’s like if by watching the clouds you make them slowly disappear and unfold the limitless space behind them. It works, but it takes time. The mind has lots of amazing tricks enabling it to play the same movie on and on. Being identified with the core of the mind - your personality - gives you impression of being same with it and this is what makes the dissolving process challenging. What seems to be you insists on staying „true” and „alive”, since letting it go many times feels like dying.

The enlightenment dyad technique supports your contemplation with the presence of a listening partner and the opportunity to communicate everything that appears in your mind. It is being heard and understood that enables you to easier let go of the mind contents and of your identification with „who you think you are”. It’s like if all the parts of the mind needed some attention and appreciation for their existence before they are willing to dissolve into the light of what you are. The attention coming from a listening partner added to your own contemplation makes the dissolving process very quick and efficient. This is why already after 1,5 day of practicing the enlightenment dyad technique many people start experiencing the Truth of who they are.

How exactly does it work?

The practice on the Enlightenment Intensive lasts from 6 o’clock in the morning until 11.00-12.00 in the night. It’s like if for these three days you give up everything in order to inquire into the Truth. Most of the time you spend „in the dyads”, that means doing the enlightenment dyad technique with a partner, anyhow you keep on contemplating the koan also during all other activities throughout a day. There is then eating contemplation, walking contemplation, working contemplation during which you get some easy task to perform, sitting contemplation and sleeping contemplation.

With every 40 minutes dyad you work with a different partner. The practice starts from one of you giving the instruction „tell me who you are” to the other. The instruction is like an encouragement, it’s a way that your partner helps you to focus on yourself and invites you to share whatever comes up as a result of your contemplation. After giving the instruction the listening partner’s task is to give you his/her full attention and just listens, there is no place for comments or interruptions, even nodding and facial expressions are recommended to avoid.

After receiving the instruction you have your 5 minutes time to contemplate and share with your partner whatever comes up as a result of your contemplation. The „who am I?” (also „what am I?”) koan helps you to focus your attention on „what seems to be you”. You intention is to know „this” directly, totally, the way it truly is. Undertaking this intention you open for everything that can appear in your consciousness. It can be an enlightenment experience as well as any emotion, memory, thought, state or vision. Whatever it is, you tell it to your partner.

After 5 minutes you hear a gong coming from CD record, announcing you that it’s time to changeover. Your partner says „thank you”, this way appreciating your effort and openness in sharing. Then it’s your turn to give the instruction to your partner and just listen. This way, changing every 5 minutes, you go though a 40 minutes dyad.

Intention and openness are two basic elements of the practice. Intending involves your will-power. It’s „making sure” that you are willing to persist and go through anything in order to know the Truth. You have enough of sitting there and doing this technique, but you persist. You approach difficult emotional states and you find yourself in the deserts of emptiness, but you persist. You don’t believe that it works or that it can happen to you, but you persist. And it’s the persisting that builds up energy necessary to „break through” the illusion.

The „breaking through” itself doesn’t depend on your will anyhow. The enlightenment experience is a gift. It’s like a fruit falling into your hands when the time is ripe. To be able to receive this fruit you need to be open and the openness is the other basic element of the practice. Being open means being ready to receive everything, all the possible forms that the Truth can take. It means letting go of any convictions, expectations or control and just let things be as they are, flowing the way they flow, letting the Truth to unfold.

There is no conditions to it. The Truth is everything that is - we are It, we dwell in It and It is available to all of us. It is the most obvious thing and still most of the time we miss It. Enlightenment Intensive is just a time that you give to yourself to honestly and openly face the Truth. And it’s because you intentionally open to it all the time, either inquiring into who you are or facing the Truth in the form of your partner, It becomes visible to your eyes.

On a professional Enlightenment Intensive given by a trained, experienced master about 40% of participants experience enlightenment. People usually start having the enlightenment experiences about the afternoon of the second day. The experience can last few minutes, few hours or few days, until you involve again into the play of life, coming back to identification with your personality.

More enlightened people needed!

As a Spirit - a perfect, Divine Being - you create your body and your personality for a reason. The reason is that you desire to experience yourself, with all your love, light and creative power. That’s why you involve into life in the earthly dimension. The thing is that the involvement usually makes you forget about who you really are and why you are here. You identify yourself with your personality and your body and since the personality and the body have their own lives, many times they guide you in totally different direction than the one that you, as the Divine Sprit, want to go.

Reminding about your True Nature empowers and inspire you to transform your personality and your body the way they can really serve your Divine aims. Knowing and remembering of who you really are enables you to trust all the life experiences and see the Divine perfectness in them. When you let things be as they are, they flow naturally, more and more falling into right places, creating a Divine reflection of your True Self.

And this is why this world needs more enlightened people. It looks the way it looks at the moment because most of us don’t remember who we are and why we are here. We first need to remind of our True Nature in order to be able to transform the illusion called „reality” into a Divine paradise. And this is why we are all here.

I wrote this text in February 2011, after assisting the first Enlightenment Intensive offered in Poland by Shivam O’Brien. Practicing the enlightenment dyad technique for many years, organizing “enlightenment dyad meetings” in Poland and Holland and participating in few Intensives given by Shivam in Weles, I could finally watch one of my life-dreams unfolding - professional Intensive with 16 people held in my home-country.

I wish that one day it can happen also here, in Holland. I wrote this text to encourage Dutch people to open up for using this amazingly powerful technique. Salvador Nicolai translated the text into Dutch, Hendrik Hobbelink offered his advise and support in sending it to many spiritual Dutch magazines. Unfortunately, none of them wished to publish it.

Grateful for all the support and having my total trust in the power of enlightenment dyad technique, I publish the text here, knowing that those who seek, will find it...

with love

Originally at Author's site: www.freedom-journey.com/we-are-all-enlightened; here after her kind agreement.

Copyright (C) by Aleksandra Nimue Kosakowska

Distribution of this text or any part of it, either on paper or through electronic media demands an agreement from the Author

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